Friday, February 24, 2012

The mask is slipping - endangered species

Managed to get on "Breakfast" a couple of weeks ago - talking about our endangered species. Did you know how bad our conservation story is getting? New Zealand used to be a world-leader, and looked up to for it's conservation prowess. Now our Department of Conservation has a budget the same size as the Hamilton City Council to manage ONE THIRD of our land mass, which includes all our national parks, the huts, tracks, bridges, culverts, the pest control (stoats, possums, rats, ferrets, weasels, wilding pines, weeds...), not to mention the marine reserves, marine mammals - and we haven't even gotten to the protection of all of our threatened species... does this sound right to you?


  1. Sticking your tongue out at the nation eh, Nic :-p

  2. Heh. i spotted that too. unconscious bodily response to current lack of conservation protection? ; )