Monday, January 2, 2012

From darkness comes beauty...

Hi everyone and Happy New Year.

I was going to write one of those hand-wringy posts about why I hadn't written a blog for months and months, but I'm not. Put simply, it's been a busy old time. During this time, we've had lots on the go, not the least of which has been getting married!  A great way to end a pretty massive and challenging year was marrying the gorgeous bloke in Dunedin the weekend before Christmas. As expected, we did as much DIY as we could, and bless his heart, we had our first dance with him in white gumboots.

So back to the Ka Pai Life.  Everything is still ka pai, quakes notwithstanding. (wowza, one just hit as I typed that!).

I thought I'd start with an update on my wee venus flytrap. Earlier this year, I explained about how our little windowsill venus flytrap was helping me deal to my nemesis, flies.

Sadly, along with my blog, I kind of neglected the flytrap, and by about October, it just looked like a brown, dead thing, with tiny little dead teeth the only thing distinguishing it as a venus flytrap.  Ever hopeful, I started watering it again a couple of months ago, and lo and behold, it began to grow again!

About a month ago, like some kind of triffid, it started sending out a shoot. A long, green, bendy shoot, that grew longer and taller and longer and taller until it had travelled halfway up our kitchen window.

 Atop this shoot are half a dozen tear shaped pods, which almost looked like alien-fingers to the creeping long hand as it slowly crawled up the window.  I have been peering at these pods for a week or more now!

And then, like magic, from a once-all-but-dead fly-killing plant, on New Year's Day, this beautiful flower appeared.

A very beautiful sign to mark the beginning of what I'm sure will be a beautiful year. 

How is your New Year playing out so far?

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