Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In honour of New Zealand music month...

And because of course I am such a nature nerd... please enjoy this surprisingly funky little gem from Fatcat and Fishface  who make music for kids, often based on our wonderful native wildife.  "Nightclub" is a catchy little hit about our nocturnal native birds, with some very cool animation. Have a listen!

DOC have also decided to make the most of NZ Music Month by holding a contest for the best 'remix' of native bird calls, championed by their Spokesbird, Sirocco (who i've been subject to... errrr... some of his more intimate shenanigans, and for whom I used to handle all his many PR requests  - mostly as a result of said shenanigans. Glad DOC are continuing to use his profile in a positive way, quite proud really).

Sirocco the kakapo skaaarks it up for NZ Music Month. Photo: DOC

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  1. FC&FF's song about the fly 'she was looking for a place to lay her maggots' is a favourite of mine. Thanks for posting this one.